Basics of Fonts in Website-Design

Different Fonts

Different fonts give the reader a different tone about what you’re reading. If you were to take a look at a newspaper, you will find many different kinds of fonts. The more professional works are made with fonts like Georgia and Times New Roman. Those sections are often in the parts with news and job offerings. Other parts of the newspaper are usually filled with comics made for children. Those fonts are usually in Comics Sans and have a goofier aesthetic. When making a website, you should make a combination of other fonts. Having only one font gives a monotone voice to the reader and might make it feel cheap. Using that right combination of fonts make you feel like it has a person feeling that people fail to replicate. Mixing and matching different results can make great experiences for people that want their presence there to be unique.

Different Tones That Fonts Give Off

The different fonts that you use are classified into different categories. Serif has extra length for more a casual look. You may use this for a blog or a newsletter that you plan to write. There is also Sans-Serif that takes the extra length off the letters because they want to give a serious tone. This is a good choice when you decide to write about professional or serious topics. Script fonts often have cursive letters and are for casual use. This gives the reader a personal touch and lets them know that a robot didn’t write it. It establishes a special touch that you wouldn’t normally do. Decorative fonts are great when you have an artistic page that you want to share. These allow you to be expressive in your writing and give the reader some nice aesthetics to look at. A great choice if you’re trying to establish a brand.

Having a Suitable Font

Now for some people there is an end all, be all font for writing. Times New Roman or Arial is a great font and is highly recommended when you want to make a first impression to a boss. But maybe you’re a person that wants to sell people on your personality and not much else. For those people, you get to use a font that’s more expressive. Maybe you want to give off a tone from a different time period and you use a font that has thicker and bolder letters. You need to be aware of your audience. If they are younger and follow you for fashion, maybe use a font that is a bit more expressive. Having one that matches your content can elevate the experience and can get them to come back. Your audience should be the biggest concern, so maybe you should ask them what fonts they want to see.