Website-Design Tactics to Help

Make it local

Some people can’t wait to get away from their home as soon as they get the chance. Other people love their home and will always be loyal to the land that they grew up with. There will always be an audience to appeal to when it comes to a big city. The big cities often have sports teams with lots of success and as well as motivational stories that people identify with. If you are successful people will identify with that town that your website was established. This is a great thing if you plan on marketing the culture of that city. This also increases your chances with improving your relationships with other businesses. If your customers think of you positively, then people who want to work with you will also think of you positively. Either way, using your location is a great way to establish your company.

Create relevant information

Now more than ever, social media has become relevant. Public figures gain millions and millions of followers by the month and don’t show any sign of slowing down. Your company should have a team that provides users with family friendly and relevant information. When the fall starts you may notice that companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s are doing special deals. They only do it during that time of the year which is why people get excited. Your business should do something similar where people get excited for a seasonal product. This will spread the name of your company and will create excitement future projects. It’s a great thing for your company because other business may want to work with you. Maybe you don’t have the proper resources to distribute a product and don’t have any sources. You can give consumers heads up on what to expect when you say you’re going to do a project.

Get inspired

Some creators have blocks that stop them from being more involved in future projects. The thing that’s disappointing a creator, is that they will never come up with some as creative as their original project. This has cost a lot of mental damage because many of these creators feel like they can’t do anything significant to have an impact. What they should do is spend some time offline so that they get realize what other creators have to go to. Some of the most recognizable logos ever came about spontaneously. The inspiration came in an instant and the only real work was refining the logo. Some athletic brands that you’ve heard of took their logos from fantasy. The things that inspire people often have to do with nature so that’s good place to start. Other places are great for you and your inspiration as well.

Basics of Fonts in Website-Design

Different Fonts

Different fonts give the reader a different tone about what you’re reading. If you were to take a look at a newspaper, you will find many different kinds of fonts. The more professional works are made with fonts like Georgia and Times New Roman. Those sections are often in the parts with news and job offerings. Other parts of the newspaper are usually filled with comics made for children. Those fonts are usually in Comics Sans and have a goofier aesthetic. When making a website, you should make a combination of other fonts. Having only one font gives a monotone voice to the reader and might make it feel cheap. Using that right combination of fonts make you feel like it has a person feeling that people fail to replicate. Mixing and matching different results can make great experiences for people that want their presence there to be unique.

Different Tones That Fonts Give Off

The different fonts that you use are classified into different categories. Serif has extra length for more a casual look. You may use this for a blog or a newsletter that you plan to write. There is also Sans-Serif that takes the extra length off the letters because they want to give a serious tone. This is a good choice when you decide to write about professional or serious topics. Script fonts often have cursive letters and are for casual use. This gives the reader a personal touch and lets them know that a robot didn’t write it. It establishes a special touch that you wouldn’t normally do. Decorative fonts are great when you have an artistic page that you want to share. These allow you to be expressive in your writing and give the reader some nice aesthetics to look at. A great choice if you’re trying to establish a brand.

Having a Suitable Font

Now for some people there is an end all, be all font for writing. Times New Roman or Arial is a great font and is highly recommended when you want to make a first impression to a boss. But maybe you’re a person that wants to sell people on your personality and not much else. For those people, you get to use a font that’s more expressive. Maybe you want to give off a tone from a different time period and you use a font that has thicker and bolder letters. You need to be aware of your audience. If they are younger and follow you for fashion, maybe use a font that is a bit more expressive. Having one that matches your content can elevate the experience and can get them to come back. Your audience should be the biggest concern, so maybe you should ask them what fonts they want to see.

How to Make Your Website Faster

Improving Performance

Performance is very important. Not performing well means that your website may not get the views that it actually got. Crashes means that other users won’t be able to enjoy the great parts about your site. You should talk with coders and programmers to improve the performance. When an overabundance of people comes to a site, it is bound to crash. A useful tactic might be to limit the number of people that can be on a page at a certain time. This would make sure that the people that deserve to be there would get a fair chance of the experience on that page. Some links may not go anywhere and crash because there hasn’t been a page that was set up. This should be avoided at all costs and efforts should be made to avoid those problems.

Fix Loading Times

When people play a video game or DVD, the worst part for many can be the loading times. The project itself can be perfectly fine but people don’t want to wait for a page. The worst part is when the wait is disappointing and can’t be enjoyed the viewer. On a website, certain parts may not load properly and may require constant reloading. It’s not necessarily an experience that is impossible to enjoy but it’s more work than they should require. Worst off, it hurts both parties out of what they want in the website. It hurts the viewer because they don’t get the experience that they want. It hurts the creator because if they a have a business they don’t get the ad revenue that they desire. Having people to program optimized performances for your website is imperative. Always ask for more feedback to improve.

Get Better Servers

There is data proving that websites with worse servers tend to have less shopping. There is also less communication between other users. Some sites, specifically social media thrive off of communication from other users. That communication creates events and links to news sites that have ads on them. Conversations also show more ads because they are more active than other parts of a site. If a site offers this as the main feature of the site, then communication optimization should be a huge priority. If it’s a live streaming website, you as a viewer want to be as close to the experience as possible. That means that there needs to be as close to the viewing experience as possible. The closer the viewer is to the live stream, the more intimate the experience feels. Loading times should be set by the expectations of the viewer so all you can do is try your hardest.

Rules for the Structure of Websites

Setting the Standard

Every site should have a standard that they want to introduce to each of the users. It’s good to stick to your model and make sure that you want to improve. For Instance, YouTube is a site that shares videos among other users. As time has went on, they improved their system to help people find content that they may find interesting faster. The subscriber system is the most obvious element of this concept. People get notified when those users post when they post content faster. Facebook also has groups and pages that people like so that they get to see more of what they like. Whatever the goal of your website is, create a system that will let users digest the content they want faster. Cater to the people who don’t want to explore and get what they came for.

Incorporate Algorithms

If you website is going to appeal to millions of users, you need the proper logarithm. An algorithm is a set of rules that will be calculated to give you a result. This may not always be the result that you or the creator wants, but it means that there are always reasons to come back. With video streaming services like Netflix, they’ve invented algorithms to recommend you more content. The idea is that after you finish something that you enjoyed watching, you get to watch a piece that is recommended. Even YouTube has incorporated this model with their auto play button. Both times you are getting recommended content from different users, but the point is to enjoy more of what appeals to you. If you run a blogging site, once someone rates a post you can direct them to an article with similar subject matter. This makes sure that the site doesn’t get stale.

Create Descriptions, Not Recommendations

When providing talking about products or services, it’s better for the user to decide on their own. When someone says that something is the best the customer can be put off by that sort of statement because they know that they’re getting sold something. It hurts you because your competitors are likely saying the same thing. It’s even worse than when your competitors own a significant part of the industry that they’re not likely to lose. Letting word of mouth spread your brand is likely the best thing that can happen. When a friend or a public figure recommends a product that they genuinely enjoy, it can be the best thing. This can create a shift in the market because your notoriety won’t be spread because of your marketing. When people see your product again in stores, they will think about how it can make your experiences better. When you list your product try to make the description as neutral and tell people what they’re getting.

Have a Voice

Tone is really important. Maybe this has to do with the font that you choose. Either you have one that is expressive or more professional. Expressive tells people more about yourself and can help create an image. Professional gives a monotone voice and respects the reader because of where they are. This is the first part of creating an impactful voice. The second part is the actual text that you speak. Decide what emotions that you use in your text. It all depends on the subject matter. At the end of the day, only you can decide whether the content you produce should go a certain way. You can decide if you want to be angry, sad, reserved, nervous, happy and a bunch of other emotions. Whatever it is, your voice should be justified with the content that you’re talking about. This can really elevate the content and make it special. You should practice before going on your site so that you get to see the effects.

Website-Design Tips for 2018


Finding the proper people to work for you on your project can be a struggle. To get a website as big as Twitter or Facebook is impossible to do on your own. The coding process is complicated and needs a lot of maintenance to make sure that the site doesn’t crouch. Making sure that the proper links people click on are updated periodically. There are also people who need to decide who designs the site. Maybe the leader of a site hires a team and gives them an idea of what he wants them to do. The design should always make a good impression to a newcomer. When the site gets popular there should also be people to translate everything into different languages. When your business becomes really successful people from other regions should be able to feel at home at your site. The major languages should allow everyone to be comfortable.

Mobile versions

With people always being on the go, they will always want to use their devices on their hotel or on a plane. Unfortunately, when these websites were created, they were designed with a keyboard, mouse and a decent sized mouse in mind. Along with that, they assumed many people would have a decent sized monitor so that you could show them more detail. When you go to your browser and want to use your phone, the experience can feel claustrophobic. There is too much information for such a small screen. Along with that, the thumbs of many men are big and can cover up small text on the page. Thankfully, many modern sites like YouTube and Twitter have apps that are more accessible for mobile users. The experience is improved with bigger links and constant updates to make sure the experience is enjoyable.

Email collaboration

Email is such an important part of technology. Many people give out their emails at business events because they want to be taken seriously. To make accounts more secure, they are linked with emails so that they can access important settings. If someone loses their username or password, they can use their email to reset it. Thankfully, many people have newsletters on their sites to make sure that users get the information that they want. Some of the information is more useful than others depending on what the site offers. If you do shopping online, you can send an update for when a product in high demand is in stock. The concept of social media may sound similar for some, but it’s not the same. Now, many public figures have an email for business. This makes sure so that those private business conversations stay in between those parties.